NetCutDefender 2.1

It's a free tool to keep your network's internet speed super fast
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It's a free tool offered by to keep your network's (including WI-FI) internet speed super fast. protect your PC from ARP spoofing attack. typically arp spoofing from netCut(which is another 10 years age product of same company from 100% guaranteed internet connection speed stay fast. Protect all your network connections including WI-FI in one place. No setup configuration required. zero network knowledge required. install / run and forget about it. With this free little tool, now you can safely browse at free WI-FI internet at McDonalds or star bucks. It also come with a internet speed testing check . a Mac address Brand checker.
- Easy to use, automatically protect all network of your PC away from Netcut cut off. or any other ARP spoofing.
- Fast, Ensure Internet Gateway address spoof proof.
-Safe, worry free. 24x7 running automatically.
- No need configuration. no network knowledge required. no need to know any thing about your network. just run and enjoy the safe network.

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